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My name is Paul Ruffy. I left 9-5 my job in 2005 to concentrate on betting and becoming a professional gambler.
I have discovered various methods that make good profits over the years and I started this service in July 2006.
It has since gone from strength to strength, gaining acclaim from others and making members significant sums of money in the process.
There have been some excellent comments from my customers and reviewers alike, check out the testimonials page above.

Over £30,000 profit (to £100/pt stakes)

ROI 20%+ during the last 12 months.

Overall Return on Investment a massive 16%.

Proven 7 YEAR Performance - Over 2000 selections since the service started in 2006.

Tips sent to via INSTANT text message to your mobile phone, email and also accessible via members only webpage.

Consistently highly ranked in the long term proofing tables.

My personal sports bets given out with excellent strike rate and returns.

Subscription rates from under £25 per month.*

Affiliate scheme paying up to 30% for ALL members.

Recommended by Secret Betting Club, Bet Investor, Betting School Private Members Club and Horse Racing Focus.


Message from Paul Ruffy -Winning Racing Tips
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A Service for the Professional Investor

The type of clients my service is aimed at are those who are willing to look at the long term results and that consider performance of their investments over the course of several months or a year, not just the days and weeks. Investors will know that it is entirely possible to have losing months over the course of a year but to still make a considerable profit, therefore they look at the cumulative total over the course of several months.

Subscription Rates

1 Month £39.95 - No slots currently available
3 Months £99.95 (£33.32/month) - open
6 Months £169.95 (£28.33/month) - open
12 Months £299.95 (£24.99/month*) - open

Why such a low price for such high quality information?

Well I really wanted to make this accessible to every one, and I don't want to have customers risking sums above their means just to try and make sure that the profits cover the subscription. With a low monthly cost, even people betting with small stakes should be able to make a profit after fees. So everyone can relax and just be patient while their profits steadily grow without having to worry about expensive monthly charges. As the service grows and demand gets higher I may have to review the price again. However when you join you are guaranteed the same price so long as you stay subscribed, even if the price doubles or trebles in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time are the tips available?
A. The tips are sent out normally between 12:00-1:00 pm daily and will also be on the members page.

Q. How many bets are there?
A. Typically there are around 15-20 tips per month, some days we may have 2 or 3, but there may also be several days without any bets, I only advise anything when I see significant value.

Q. What staking do you advise?
A. For the each way tips stakes are advised per selection between 0.1 and 1pt each way. The bank I recommend is 30pts, although those who don't mind more volatility may prefer 25pts.
Detailed staking advice is included in the Members Welcome Pack.

Q. What bookmakers do I use and do you advise prices to take?
A. I'll tell you what the best available price is and where you can get it. I recommend you always take the advised price and use bookmakers offering a "Best Price Gaurantee" whenever possible. My advised prices are normally very easy to obtain. I recommend spreading your bets around as bookmakers do not like accounts that are always in the black!

Q. I do not have and prefer not to sign up for a free Paypal account, is there any other way I can join?
A. Paypal will now process card payments without you having to open an account, simply follow the on screen instructions. Alternatively, send me an email and I'll give you details of how to pay via cheque or bank transfer.


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Looking forward to welcoming you as a new member,

Paul Ruffy


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